New windbreakers and hoodies are now in stock! In great new colours! Some of our previous stock is now on sale at 20% off! Olli Lolli's innovative windbreakers and hoodies have a specially designed pocket built right in to help ensure your child always has their life-saving medication with them. Perfect for Epi Auto-Injectors, Insulin Injectors and Asthma Inhalers! Buy one today and keep your child safe.
Food Allergy Awareness Month

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month! And as part of our effort to increase  food allergy awareness, we are supporting the work of Anaphylaxis Canada. Beginning this month, and through to the end of July, … Continue reading

Savorfull: Food Box 2.0

The “Food Box” has been around for some time now. Until recently, my idea of a Food Box Program, was one where you signed up to have farm fresh, organic foods delivered to your door … Continue reading

Is Day Camp Safe For Your Food Allergic Child?

Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes planning summer day camps for your kids. Besides the stress of getting registered in time (before all the spots fill up in the most popular … Continue reading

The 2012 Olli Lolli Allergy Aware Hero Award

At Olli Lolli™ Allergy Aware Apparel Inc., our goal is to promote allergy awareness and empower kids with severe allergies to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We know that it takes the support of the … Continue reading

Saving Their Life: Infant & Child CPR

Several years ago, I attended an infant/child CPR & first aid course, when my first born was still an infant. It was a scary, but truly eye-opening experience.  I walked away from it feeling slightly … Continue reading

New Olli Pocket Cargos!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to the Olli Lolli blog. We’ve been busily finalizing the details of our new line of Olli Pocket™ Cargo pants. I’m very excited about these pants, and I can’t … Continue reading

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