February 26, 2012

Saving Their Life: Infant & Child CPR

Several years ago, I attended an infant/child CPR & first aid course, when my first born was still an infant. It was a scary, but truly eye-opening experience.  I walked away from it feeling slightly more prepared for an emergency, but more importantly ever more vigilant to prevent the emergency from happening in the first place. This was before we knew how serious our son’s food allergies were.

It’s been a long time coming, but today I did another CPR & first aid training. Once we got started, I realised how important it was that I was there. Everything I’d learned 6+ years ago at my first training was completely out of date! When you have a child with anaphylaxis, it is so important to not only know how to give an epi injection, but also how to provide CPR to a small child who is unconscious and possibly not breathing. After today, I will likely do a refresher course at least every couple of years.

I encourage anyone with a child with anaphylaxis or asthma, or anyone with children period, to go to your local Red Cross and find a course for infant & child CPR. You can host a training in your home and invite family and other friends who have children. It doesn’t cost much, and the knowledge you gain can save a life – possibly the life of your child.

Link to the Canadian Red Cross:

Link to US Red Cross:

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